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About You


I cannot think of a single client in twenty years of practice who looked forward to the idea of filing a bankruptcy. You are likely stressed with financial difficulties, wondering where the next mortgage payment or credit card payment will come from. In many cases this stress will have actually made you sick in some way before you seek help. My clients are hard working people who have fallen into hard times due to any number of problems, such helping their family or an illness, a divorce or even a continual stream of less serious problems such as car repairs.


My clients are upstanding citizens, members of the community with hopes and dreams and responsibilities. Almost without exception they should have considered a bankruptcy much sooner than they actually did.

I keep in contact with my clients and have learned that truly "forgiving" yourself, clearing your mind and moving on is the best remedy.


About Me


I have filed bankruptcies for physicians. I have filed bankruptcies for other bankruptcy lawyers. I have filed bankruptcies for self employed people in all manner of businesses, such as construction and real estate. I have filed bankruptcies for people who work in brewing, for people who work at banks and in other jobs in the financial industry. I have filed bankruptcies for people who are bakers, cashiers and stocking clerks in the local grocery stores such as King Soopers and Safeway.


I’ve filed them for people who are gamblers and those who are drug addicted, and those with criminal problems. I have filed bankruptcies for police officers. I’ve filed them for people who are in the military, people who work on the railroad and travel all of the time' and for people who never leave their homes. I’ve filed them for people who make hundreds of thousands a year and for those who are absolutely penniless, with only the clothes on their back.


I have filed bankruptcies for people in their early twenties, and I have filed bankruptcies for people in their nineties. I have filed bankruptcies for people who are differently- abled, for people with $800,000 homes, and for people who are homeless. I’ve filed them for people who died during the case. I’ve filed them for people who are in foreclosure and people who are having their wages garnished. I’ve filed them for twenty years and been in front of all of the judges in Colorado, many times. I’ve dealt with every trustee in the District of Colorado, many times. I know their secretaries. I’ve had cases that seemed hard go very smoothly and those that seemed simple develop into major fights with the government. I’ve gotten up at 5 in the morning and driven through snow to get to client’s court appearances, and homes when necessary.


I’ve met with people who thought they needed to file and suggested other solutions. I’ve had cases that I’ve waited years to file and cases that I have filed within one day of meeting the client. I have filed bankruptcies for mentally ill people, elderly people who worked through family members and for people who are not even citizens. I’ve filed chapter 7 cases and chapter 13 cases and converted one type to the other, many times. I’ve removed liens and stopped garnishments and saved homes. I’ve seen the stress bankruptcies can cause between two people who are together and in love. I’ve seen financial stress ruin marriages and I’ve filed bankruptcies for people who got divorced, and for those who were separated but got back together.


I filed bankruptcies when I was 25 and I file them at 46. I’ve made some mistakes, happily not major ones, and I’ve learned and I’ve grown but most of all I hope that I have helped many , many people with this process. I’ve handled criminal cases and taken them to trial and divorce cases and personal injury cases. And, while bankruptcy is my main focus, work in these other areas had given me perspective and skill and experience which helps my bankruptcy clients. Many times a client who thinks they need one thing, may in fact need quite a different thing.


I can help you. When you are ready to move on, ready to move beyond the constant cycle of debt and stress and unhappiness, call me. This is your life, as far as we know we may only get one shot at it. Let us fix this. 303 501 4028 - Robert Gauss, Esq.