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Bankruptcy For Same Sex Couples in Colorado
Colorado Recognizes and Supports Same Sex Marriages. The law permitting civil unions was signed by our governor and went into effect May 1, 2013. Colorado also recognizes same sex marriages that took place in other states.

For bankruptcy purposes married same sex couples are considered married for bankruptcy purposes in Colorado. This result has to do with the 10th Circuit and Supreme Court decisions which invalidate DOMA (Defense of Marriage Acts) as discriminatory and unconstitutional.

Homosexual couples have the same rights to file for bankruptcy together as traditional couples. They also have the same challenges with trying to discern if a joint filing or single filing would best meet their financial needs. If a married person files an individual bankruptcy the income of both spouses must be used to determine eligibility for bankruptcy. This is true unless a couple is living apart for legitimate reasons that are not a pretext for subverting the bankruptcy law.

I have helped many couples in same sex marriages make bankruptcy decisions and very much enjoy extending the benefits and relief provided by the bankruptcy code to my fellow citizens regardless of sexual orientation.  Please Call 303 501 4028 if you would like a consultation.