Preparation is the Key to Success in Any Legal Matter.

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Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Practice Areas

  • Bankruptcy Chapters 7, 13, 11
  • Bankruptcy Litigation
  • Criminal Defense
  • Litigation and Human Rights Advocacy

Our Approach

Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Preparation is the key to success in any legal matter. Your LAWYER, Robert Gauss, will work with you to get results. Call 303 501 4028 and ask for Rob, if we cannot help, we can usually help you find the lawyer who can.

Our Team

Robert Gauss, Esq.

Robert Gauss is a 1995 honors graduate of Albany Law School in New York. Mr. Gauss has filed complex bankruptcies for physicians, filed bankruptcies for other bankruptcy lawyers and he has filed bankruptcies for self-employed people in all manner of businesses. I've filed them for people who make hundreds of thousands per year and those who are penniless. I filed my first bankruptcy at 26 and continue to file them at age 50.

I’ve met with people who thought they needed to file and suggested other solutions. No bankruptcy is the same, and therefore my fee depends on your situation. 

Mr. Gauss has also litigated cases in bankruptcy and other matters in Federal courts and State Court throughout Colorado from Grand Junction to Pueblo.  I also have a developing interest in human rights advocacy, such as arguing for the release of Dr. Shakeel Afridi in Pakistan. While not at work I enjoy dogs, my family, reading and working on various human rights matters. 

In short, I can help you. Call 303 501 4028. 

I can help you. When you are ready to move on, ready to move beyond the constant cycle of debt and stress and unhappiness, call me. This is your life, as far as we know we may only get one shot at it. Let us fix this together. 303 501 4028 - Robert Gauss, Esq.




Why Us ?*

A. Experience. I have been handling bankruptcy cases for 22 years. From the forms you fill out, to the explanations you get, to my courtroom demeanor, there is 22 years of experience behind it all.

B. Process. Preparation is the key to success in any legal matter, I have detailed experience in getting things done correctly. This process has been developed and refined for over 22 years!

C. Free Consultations. You can meet me, for free and discuss fees in advance. There is no risk to come and see what I have to offer. Visit a few bankruptcy lawyers before you make a decision, I welcome that and even encourage it.

D. Pricing. I do not compete on price, I compete on service and excellence. The legal services I provide are worth every penny, my goal is to provide excellent service at reasonable prices. You may think you are saving money by going with a “cut rate” bankruptcy mill type operation, but in the long run that can be costly, very costly. Chronically ill people get special consideration, and the fees are set in each case, individually, in a way that makes sense. Usually $200 can start a matter and payment plans are available.

E. Reputation. I have 22 years of relationships built into my practice. Judges and associated professionals know me, and if you need something outside of the bankruptcy realm, I can usually find you quality help.

F. Compassion. Filing bankruptcy is stressful, I realize that and make every effort to guide you through the process with compassion. I return calls. I help people, that is what I do for a living, and I like to think I have become good at it!!

G. Correspondence. You may call this firm if you would like to get information, I welcome that, but you also get correspondence from this firm, continually, to keep you informed about your case. The “$499 to start” and “$99 down” law firms do not offer this sort of service. 

If you would like an appointment, please call now, I would be happy to help.  (303) 501.4028 after hours until 10 pm.